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Many questions have been asked about creating the town of Center Grove. We have compiled many of them here. If you don’t see your question, feel free to post it on our Facebook page, or send your question using the form at the bottom of this page. What law governs creating a town? Does Center […]

Economic Development

Center Grove has room to grow, space for homes and especially more businesses.  The western edge of the proposed town, the area along SR Road 37 provides an great opportunity for economic growth, with or without I-69. Look at the photos below, one is take in 1998 and the other in 2010. Look at the […]

“I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

Ronald Reagan made that line famous as a punch line. Most of us understand that the federal, and frequently state, government does not understand local communities. The government that performs best is the government closest to the people. With local government you are far more likely to know the person who represents you. The town […]

How Accurate are the Budget and Tax Projections?

All budgets are estimates of income and expenses. If they were not estimates, they would be called reports, as they would be reporting what had already happened. By definition, a budget is a projection based on the best information available at the time the estimate is made. This, however, does not make them worthless. Assumptions […]

Why Pay the County to Do Things for the Town?

The new town will receive about $2.8 million in revenue from taxes that we already pay items such as cigarettes, gas, alcohol, wheel tax, vehicle, excise and a host of other taxes. This means that other “taxing entities,” such as other towns, cities and counties from all across the state, will receive a smaller piece […]

Pay Now, Save Later

If we form a town you will begin to pay a town property tax. Remaining unincorporated  does not mean your taxes will not go up. County tax increases are associated with the increased cost of providing services to highly populated unincorporated communities. (See the series on Unincorporated Islands on why this happens.) A county tax increase is the least […]

A Town Does a Better Job of Planning & Zoning

Why not allow the county to continue to control planning and zoning? County government is already stretched too thin and does not have the responsibility, or the resources to develop the economic potential of our community. Although the “Plan the Land 2030” document does layout a long range plan for development, if you look at […]

Why the County Will Provide Better Service Under Contract

County government is not designed to govern areas with a concentrated population of 28,000. Their focus must be on what is best for the County as a whole, not what is best for a select group of residents. The risk to our community is that the economic development is not directed and decided by the […]

Why Do Unincorporated Communities Fear Development?

In short, because unincorporated communities do not control the development in their area. What developments would benefit Center Grove, which would be hurt home values and our neighborhoods? Although we don’t know what will be developed at the I-69 interchange at Smith Valley, what would the residents of the Smith Valley Road area and the […]

I-69 Benefit or Risk?

It is not that we do not trust the County, Bargersville, or Greenwood to control the I-69 interchanges; we expect that they will act in the best interests of their constituents, which is not the same thing as acting in the best interest of the residents most affected by the decisions. No one can guarantee […]

Why Worry About Annexation?

The recent elections in Greenwood and the failure of the Reorganization proposal have opened a window of opportunity for residents of unincorporated White River Township. Currently Greenwood’s focus is to the east and south. We do not know how long this will last. Will the next Common Council decide to once again look west? As […]

Your Property Taxes Will Increase but . . .

Forming any town cost money. This money is raised by taxes. However, this is independent from whether or not the town that is formed is operated in a cost effective manner. If the proposal was to establish a police department and highway department with all the cars, the maintenance and pensions, the town would cost […]

Interstate exchanges increase income

By Cristopher McFall I live in the City of Greenwood proper. I literally have nothing to gain by supporting the formation of the Town of Center Grove, yet because of the need I support fully it. Further, it is needed now. I worked for the Indiana Department of Transportation for eight years and was involved […]

Avoids Unincorporated Islands

This is the first article of a three part series on the future of unincorporated White River Township. In this article we define what constitutes an unincorporated island. In Part Two we examine how much of WRT could become an unincorporated island. Part Three looks at how they form and why we should care.  What is an unincorporated […]

Advantage of Action

Doing nothing is what we have been doing for the past 20+ years. What has happened during that time? The commercial areas of our community have been nibbled away by our neighbors. All of the commercial area south of Smith Valley Road has been annexed into Greenwood, look at a map and you will notice […]