Citizens For Center Grove

Pay Now, Save Later

If we form a town you will begin to pay a town property tax. Remaining unincorporated  does not mean your taxes will not go up. County tax increases are associated with the increased cost of providing services to highly populated unincorporated communities. (See the series on Unincorporated Islands on why this happens.)

A county tax increase is the least of our worrys. Other states are requiring cities and towns to annex unincorporated areas. Should Indiana follow this growing trend instead of paying 20 cents to our town we could be paying 38 cents to Greenwood. Or 78 cents if the state makes Bargersville annex us.

If we are a town our money stays here. As our town grows, in population and through new businesses, our community directly benefits. Businesses are less likely to locate in unincorporated areas, and as they choose between incorporated areas they prefer those with lower tax rates. The proposed tax rate for Center Grove is about half of Greenwood’s and 20% of Bargersville’s. Why hasn’t the large area around Fairview and SR37 been developed? We can learn from this example: The Target store on SR135. Target would not build the store until the area was annexed into a town. Who benefitted? Greenwood, since they were ready and willing to add the area to their community. Development means a larger assessed property value leading to more property tax revenue from businesses resulting in a lower tax burden on individual homeowners. No one can say that taxes will never increase, but capturing the taxes from future growth that is certain to happen will lessen or prevent future tax increases.

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