Citizens For Center Grove

Creating Center Grove

We have heard a lot of questions when talk to groups or individuals about creating the town of Center Grove. The most common are “What will it cost” and “Why create a town”. We also hear “Can we afford to become a town” and “Isn’t it too late to do this” , “Won’t a town restrict my freedom to control my own property” and many others. However there are major issues facing our community. What happens when I-69 replaces State Road 37? Who will decide w

hat gets built at the exits on Smith Valley Road and County Line Road? How do we stop other community taking control of prime commercial areas on the western edge of Center Grove? What happens if we need to expand sewer service and Greenwood doesn’t want too? Those are issues towns, not counties, are designed to deal with. Citizens for Center Grove created this website to share information on the advantages, and challenges of becoming a town.

You can keep up-to-date on everything by following us  on Twitter: @Citizens4CG, “Like” us on, or signup for email updates here.We don’t have answers to all the questions, yet. However in June we released a preliminary budget and tax rate (find it here). Many questions were asked when we present that information at a public meeting. A lot of those are answered here, some we are still working on. You can find a list of key articles in the column on the right, or choose from an article from the drop down menus at the top of this page.

We would also like you to become a Friend of Center Grove. There is no obligation and no cost, but it is a great way to say “I want to live in Center Grove.”