Citizens For Center Grove

Do I Live in Center Grove?

Your address may say “Greenwood” or “Bargersville” but what the post office says, and your residency are not the same thing. Poll workers have many stories of people with a Greenwood address wondering why they cannot vote for the mayor and similar stories for Bargersville. The answer, the do not live within the city or town limits.

Map of Center Grove area in White River Township, Johnson County Indiana

Click to open PDF version of the complete map

Here is the easy part. If your kids go to Center Grove Schools, you live in White River Township. Portions of Greenwood and most of Bargersville are within the township. The township and the school district boundaries are the same. What areas of the township are within the Greenwood city limits and the Bargersville town limits has changed significantly over the past year. A large section of the southwest portion of the township was voluntarily annexed into Bargersville and most of State Road 135 south to Stones Crossing was taken by Greenwood.

The map on this page is the most recent available but not as detailed as you may like if you live in the border area of either Greenwood or Bargersville. If you click the map, a PDF document will open with a much larger, more detailed version of the map. The unincorporated area is what Citizens for Center Grove would include in the Town of Center Grove. No cherry picking, no leaving out some people and including others, we are a community and we want to remain that way. No matter if you live on a farm, in Smith Valley or one of the many subdivisions you will be part of Center Grove, given a larger voice in your community with the minimal possible changes.