Citizens For Center Grove

Economic Development

Center Grove has room to grow, space for homes and especially more businesses.  The western edge of the proposed town, the area along SR Road 37 provides an great opportunity for economic growth, with or without I-69. Look at the photos below, one is take in 1998 and the other in 2010.

1998 – Smith Valley & SR 37

Look at the minimal amount of development that has taken place during that time.

There are reasons this area is not already developed. You could blame the recession. But the area didn’t develop before the recession either. Why, because the businesses that would like to be there but can’t get the deal done because there is no local government to work with. Target wouldn’t build on SR 135 until Greenwood agreed to annex the area. St. Francis has been trying for years to get a medical center built at Fairview and SR 37, but dealing with the county for part of it and Greenwood on utilities made it difficult. How long after Bargersville annexed the area along SR 135 at Stones Crossing did Community and Johnson Memorial Hospitals agree to build a medical center in that area? Local government provides the framework

2010 – Smith Valley Road & SR 37

for development, and to control development.

Only towns can effectively and efficiently manage to develop the economic potential of that area and all of Center Grove. Why not the

county? County government is already stretched too thin and does not have the responsibility, or the resources to develop the economic potential of our community.Even if the county did target development along that corridor would they chose the types of businesses that the residents in that area want, or would they take whomever showed up because they need the property tax revenue? And where is that additional property tax revenue invested? Anywhere the county needs it. Once the area is developed what stops neighboring communities from annexing and capturing the tax revenue? Nothing, only local government can protect our economic future.

Would area residents have more say if the town of Center Grove’s planning and zoning board was in charge of making decisions or the county’s planning and zoning board? Finally what if Bargersville decides to annex that area, they would only take the commercial areas, not the homes. The residents would have zero input into the development next door to them.

We can hope the county does the right thing, we can hope Greenwood or Bargersville doesn’t annex any more prime commercial areas, but hope doesn’t prevent or control change. Only action on our part can do that. The town of Center Grove, with a comprehensive plan, along with a volunteer planning and zoning board is the best way for our community to control its future.

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