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How Can I Help?

How can I help create the town of Center Grove?There are many ways you can help Center Grove become a town. If you have other ideas on how you can help please contact us.

  • Donate money to cover expenses – Indiana law requires all expenses to be covered by the residents seeking to incorporate their community. The largest expenses we have to cover include more than $45,000 for a certified mailing to all property owners, thousands more for professional financial analysis of our tax base and budget so residents know our tax and expense figures are accurate, hiring a professional survey firm to define the town borders, and completing a count of the population, the 2010 census isn’t enough. You can click the “Donate” button the right to make an online donation. If you want to discuss your donation and how it will be used please contact us, we will be glad to answer any questions.
  • Volunteer – You can help your community in a variety of ways. Some are listed below, but you can also help us finalize the plans for the town, or once approved, help us prepare for the first day Center Grove is a town. Visit our Volunteer page to sign up or learn more.
  • Help spread the word – Informing others about this effort and its importance to our community may help get them involved. One easy way is to use our sharing links at the bottom of any page.
  • Schedule a meeting – Do you belong to a group or organization such as a homeowners association or a Church? We are more then willing to come to your place and present to your group.
  • Provide input & suggestions – Got ideas and/or thoughts about becoming a town or innovative methods to provide services? Please let us know.
  • Donate – This time we are talking about money. There are more than few things that we as citizens must pay for in order to develop our petition to become a town. Things such as certified letters to all residents, a survey of the area and legal services that can add up to as much as $100K.
  • Join Us – Become a member of Citizens for Center Grove. No membership fee, no work required, although we would appreciate any time or other support you can offer. Visit our “Join Us” page to become a member.

Once you’ve decided how best you can help please contact one of us noted below and we’ll help you get started.  Thank you for your interest and time.

  • To schedule a meeting – Contact Dann Veldkamp at 317-345-9510
  •      Or email: dann @
  • To join a committee – Contact Ryan Rhoten at 317-372-6626
  •      Or email: ryan @


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