Citizens For Center Grove

How To Create a Town

How does a new town come into existence?  In Indiana state law says that all new towns must be created by residents of the community. No tax dollars, no government support, the people have to act. If you want the details you can read Indiana Code 36-5-1 here.

A brief summary of requirements to Incorporate:

  • Citizens required to lead effort to self-incorporate
  • Conduct initial feasibility study
  • Citizen committees develop final proposal
  • Present proposal to County Commissioners
  • Commissioners hold public hearing
  • Commissioners consider & decide on to approve the proposal
  • A town is “born”

Petition Requirements to Create a Town in IndianaIt’s not quite that simple. There are more details; the petition presented to the County Commissioners has specific requirements.

The “Survey” is a detailed map of the area to be included in the new town. The enumeration is report on the actual population that resides in the proposed town limits. Financials is a review of the revenue, taxes, available to the community and finally the petition needs to include the services that will be available to the residents. The town must make at least six of the following services available to the residents:

  • Police Protection
  • Fire protection
  • Street construction, maintenance, and lighting
  • Sanitary sewers
  • Storm Sewers
  • Health protection
  • Parks and recreation
  • Schools and education
  • Planning and zoning
  • One or more utilities
  • Stream pollution control or water conversation

In a traditional model that can be expensive, but C4CG is looking at a non-traditional model that will keep our costs low and create a limited local government that will keep more money in your pocket and preserve the way of life we are used to in Center Grove.