Citizens For Center Grove

“I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

Ronald Reagan made that line famous as a punch line. Most of us understand that the federal, and frequently state, government does not understand local communities. The government that performs best is the government closest to the people. With local government you are far more likely to know the person who represents you. The town will have council districts which brings the town council members even closer to the people they represent.

Forming a town will “protect us” as some have said, against having portions of us annexed into neighboring towns and cities. We need local government to protect us against annexation, as there is no other way to get this protection. While no one can predict what kind of council members the citizens of the town will elect, you get to vote for the person you believe will operate the town in best interests of the residents. They will be more responsive than the County, or any municipality of which we are not residents. Governments only do the right things when interested, informed, and engaged citizens insist they do the right thing.

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