Citizens For Center Grove

Petition to Incorporate Update

Residents of Center Grove submitted the petition to incorporate the town to the Johnson County Commissioners in August. After review of the petition the Commissioners returned it to Citizens for Center Grove requesting clarifications and corrects. The requested changes are not major but would delay the process enough that it would be unlikely that the current Commissioners, two of whom are not seeking re-election would be able to complete the process required for the town to be incorporated. Rather than have the process start with the current Commissioners and be completed with two new Commissioners who will begin to serve in January Citizens for Center Grove will resubmit the petition in January.

Board member Ryan Rhoten stated, “The chance to revise the petition provides us a great opportunity to clarify a very complex document. We have not yet received a detailed list of issues from the County concerning the first petition. We look forward to reviewing the issues with the County and adjusting the petition to fulfill the multiple requirements of the state law.” Rhoten also commented on waiting until the first of year. “We believe the residents of Center Grove are best served if the Commissioners’ work on the petition to incorporate is not split over different groups of Commissioners.”

For an in-depth look at the plan for the town of Center Grove visit The site, set up like a typical town’s website, makes it easy for residents to find information about services the town will provide, the operation of the town’s government, the proposed budget, tax rate and information on how homeowners can calculate the effect on their property taxes.

You can find information on the first version of the petition to incorporate here.