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Friends of Center Grove

Show your support for the Town of Center Grove. Add your name to our list of “Friends of Center Grove” just Click Here. You can sign up for the email updates on the same page. Show your support of incorporating our community, and protecting our future  by becoming a “Friend of  Center Grove”.

If you would like to contact the County Commissioners about creating the Town of Center Grove please visit this page. You will be able to send an email to each of the Commissioners from that page.


Mariann Fischer
Ryan Rhoten
Brian & Lori Smith
Dr. Bryan Perkins
Daniel Veldkamp & Family
Dr. Dick Huber
Jason & Heather Ward
John Barto
Jody Veldkamp & Family
Erin Smith
The Jean Family
Mercedes Randall
Victor Hutton
Tracy Hutton
Larry Davis
Mark Meadows
Scott & Diana Deitch
Meredith Hole
JoBeth McCarthy-Jean
John Lowe
Rondal Pitcock
Michelle Waters
Carol Flanigan
Darrell Traylor
Marie Smith
Robert Blough
Robert Siefker
Janet & Daniel Anderson
Brooke Weddle
Kevin King
Melissa Breeden
Markus Kidwell
Kathleen Rhoten
Amy Lake
Jenny Feinman
Lorie Nagy
Michael Reddick
Monica Purdy
Jaime Boshears
Andi Robinson
Andrew Klinger
Anna Marsh
Cassie Burnett
Christopher Jones
Darryl Dunham
George Gasper
Rick Ramirez
William Resia
Pat McDaniel
Terry Locke
The Barkdull Family
Carl LoSasso
Christia Brooks
Regina Rhoades
Robert Hill
Mike Raber
Diane B Smith
Mike & Jenni McComb
Chris Bradley
Ken Ralph
Ed & Dolores Wood
Eric and Erin Hoskins
Vicki Riedel
Wayne Koons
Anita Knowles
Michael & Laurie Ray
Tracy L. Smith
Lynn & Karl Yocum
Kathy Woodall
Erin Vance
Jennifer Rakow
Karen Ratliff
Steve Feinman & Family
Paul Jablonski
George Frampton

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