Citizens For Center Grove

A Town Does a Better Job of Planning & Zoning

Why not allow the county to continue to control planning and zoning? County government is already stretched too thin and does not have the responsibility, or the resources to develop the economic potential of our community. Although the “Plan the Land 2030” document does layout a long range plan for development, if you look at previous plans, the county seldom follows the plan. They respond to immediate need, and not to the long term needs of a community such as Center Grove or the neighborhood of Smith Valley.

Zoning doesn’t cost tax dollars. A properly zoned community protects its residents and increases the tax base by assuring the best use of available land. Look at the level of planning in Plainfield for example; they have developed a long-term plan for growth areas of their town. While we would not anticipate this level of detail in the near future, Center Grove has the same opportunity to assure that the area along SR37 grows in an orderly manner. Attracting the right business mix, we can provide property tax income to the town that keeps homeowners property tax rates low, brings job opportunities to local residents, and protect home values.

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