Citizens For Center Grove

Advantage of Action

Doing nothing is what we have been doing for the past 20+ years. What has happened during that time? The commercial areas of our community have been nibbled away by our neighbors. All of the commercial area south of Smith Valley Road has been annexed into Greenwood, look at a map and you will notice they left out the Center Grove Presbyterian Church. A church provides no income tax revenue.

South of Stones Crossing the west side of the road, including the Marsh store and surrounding retail areas, have been annexed into Bargersville. The annexation only goes as far west as the residential area. Why? Because residential areas don’t generate significant property tax revenue and the town still has to provide for the roads and police protection. Greenwood has annexed the east side of State Road 135 that is still rip for commercial development.

 Is the annexation over? Won’t they just leave us alone? What if we do nothing? Those questions were asked by a resident at the Future of Center Grove Forum. White River Township board chair Greg Rainbolt and Trustee Mark Messick responded to the question. View their answers in this video.

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