Citizens For Center Grove

Why Pay the County to Do Things for the Town?

The new town will receive about $2.8 million in revenue from taxes that we already pay items such as cigarettes, gas, alcohol, wheel tax, vehicle, excise and a host of other taxes. This means that other “taxing entities,” such as other towns, cities and counties from all across the state, will receive a smaller piece of the pie. Johnson County will be the hardest hit. For example the County may lose $1.25 million (that figure is used for this example only it is not an official estimate). We do know that the town will receive more money for roads in Center Grove than the county currently does for the same road miles. The town will have the ability to offset County losses on roads, and your income tax dollars (CAGIT), and have money left over to use to fix our streets, and provide additional or better services, than we now receive.

The County will not “make a killing” and we will not be paying twice for the service we receive. Remember every town and city in Johnson County, and everywhere else in the state; also pay town/city taxes and county taxes. We are not being taxed twice; we are capturing money that is going all over the state rather that coming to our community.

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