Citizens For Center Grove

Why Should I Care?

Before answering the question asked in the title, let me start by first asking, why did you move here?  If you are like me you moved to this area because of the schools and the sense of community.  When you first moved here did you know that you were not part of Greenwood, even though your mailing address might state differently?  Have you ever tried to vote for the mayor of Greenwood only to find out that you couldn’t?  The reason you can’t, is because we live in an unincorporated area.

Unincorporated areas are simply part of a county not tied to a specific city or town.  In the area we call Center Grove we have no local government.  Instead, we are governed by the county.  It is the county officials who provide services for us such as road maintenance and police service.  For the most part we are all very happy with the services we receive today.  So why then would want to form a town anyway, you may ask.  Good question.  Here are some advantages towns have over unincorporated areas.

  • Local representation – Today we are governed by officials elected by the entire county. Decisions they make are based on what is best for the county as a whole not necessarily what is best for our area.
  • Local accountability – Elected town officials have a direct say in the direction of our community through our vote. Today we have as much say with our vote for the county officials as someone living in the southern part of the county.
  • Control our future – Today our future is decided by the county. Who better to say what is best for our area, than those who live in it?
  • Our money comes back to us – Today the taxes you and I pay go to the county who then decides how to best spend that money for the betterment of the county. This may or may not mean reinvestment back into our community.
  • Prohibit future potential annexations – As a town we will no longer be subjected to “piece-meal” annexations of the most desirable areas of our community.

As you read through our website and gather more information keep these advantages in mind as you begin to formulate your opinion.  Also remember that today; your voice carries as much weight in our community as someone who does not live in our community.  Who better to decide our future then us?