Citizens For Center Grove

Why the County Will Provide Better Service Under Contract

County government is not designed to govern areas with a concentrated population of 28,000. Their focus must be on what is best for the County as a whole, not what is best for a select group of residents. The risk to our community is that the economic development is not directed and decided by the residents that are most directly affected by the decisions, the residents of unincorporated White River Township.

We have no complaints about the service of the Sheriff or the highway department. However, we do think there are advantages to having control over the level of police service and how highway funds are spent in our area. If Center Grove contracts with these agencies we will have an agreement on the level of service that is provided. It can’t be changed by the county. The community decides which roads are repaired, what streets are fixed. It is not that the county can’t take care of the roads; the issue is that community residents don’t have the final say in how the highway taxes we already pay are spent in our community. In addition, we are not limited to contracting with these two agencies. We have the option of approaching other police departments in the area to see if they would be able and interested in providing police services. The town can consider contracting out other highway services, such as residential snow removal, maintenance of right-of-ways, and large construction projects to other providers.

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