Citizens For Center Grove

Why Worry About Annexation?

The recent elections in Greenwood and the failure of the Reorganization proposal have opened a window of opportunity for residents of unincorporated White River Township. Currently Greenwood’s focus is to the east and south. We do not know how long this will last. Will the next Common Council decide to once again look west? As to the potential negative impact of any annexation, certainly those opposed to the Reorganization did not want to be part of Greenwood. It is highly unlikely they will annex the entire area. Rather, they will annex as few homes as possible as they attempt to reach the development potential represented by the SR37/I-69 corridor. This will leave many areas surrounded by Greenwood and Bargersville, while being governed by the County. This causes a variety of problems as outlined by this research on unincorporated islands (link).

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